Advanced Pico Laser Treatment

Make way for the latest innovation in laser technology across the medical community. Introducing the ground-breaking advanced Pico laser treatment fighting stubborn and irritant skin conditions to help the appearance of rejuvenated, youthful-looking skin. Before the outstanding rise of the Pico laser, the spectra laser was considered the most effective laser for treating a huge variety of skin conditions; the spectra laser was the gold standard within this specific area of skin and laser treatments. However, this is where the newly available Pico laser treatment rains on the spectra lasers parade.

Picosure Laser Treatment

Pico Laser Vs Spectra Laser

Although the spectra laser is highly rated amongst doctors and patients alike, the general consistent feedback when undergoing this technique for laser treatments is that the downtime is far too long. This could last anywhere from 3-4months dependant on the person and the treatment that was undergone. But also consists of several post-treatment care regimes doctor’s advice you to comply with such as avoiding the sun, use sun cream and anti-pigment cream regularly. This wasn’t an efficient technique for every day to day person with work and other commitment this can be a struggle and put a strain on a person’s typical daily routine. This had produced an opportunity in the medical world which was yet to be exploited until the creation of Pico laser treatment.

Latest Laser Technology – The Pico Laser Treatment

Research started to be conducted to see how laser treatment can be produced that tackles the issues commonly associated with the spectra laser. New technologies were being applied to try minimising the downtime of the treatment while at the same time expanding the range and widening the parameters of indication and types of skin that can be treated. Thus, Pico laser treatment was established.

The Pico laser treatment is one of the most versatile and effective medical lasers for the treatment of various skin conditions available to date. This treatment is mainly applied and recommended for several skin treatments including:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Pigmentation removal
  • Acne scarring
  • Skin revitalisation
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma

This laser treatment is known as a non-ablative laser delivering ultra-short fast laser pulses in a Picosecond compared to tradition laser pulses taking nanoseconds. This, therefore, means the pulses emitted from the Pico laser treatment remain on the skin 100 times shorter than previously used traditional lasers such as the spectra laser and more laser pulses can be distributed into the dermis.